Create a New Post


Select NEW POST from the top navigation menu in your user dashboard and follow the instructions on each pop-up.

  1. SPONSORED OR REGULAR POST? - You can publish regular posts anytime, but you can't create a sponsored post until you've published one of your own posts and selected a payout method. Read how to create a sponsored post here.
  2. TOPIC - Select the topic that best suits your content. For example FOOD, TECH, BODY etc.
  3. COUNTRY - Select the country that best matches your content to ensure your content is published on the most relevant website. If your subject is broad then choose your own city or country.
  4. WEBSITE - Select the best website for your post. NOTE: Local 'City' websites rank much higher in Google search results.
  5. POST EDITOR - Preview your post by clicking the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the post editor page. The PUBLISH button is displayed on the PREVIEW page. Check your content carefully before publishing. Go here for details on how to use the POST EDITOR.

Contact support if you have any questions.


IMPORTANT: We review every published post and will unpublish any inappropriate content. Read the FAQ page for help creating content, and our CONTENT GUIDELINES for more information on our policies.